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Revolutionary Rhythm - SoulVibes

01. Became (prod BeatGates)
02. Let My Tape Rock (prod Rythmatical)
03. SoulVibes (prod Cmon & Kypski)
04. YoureTheOne (prod Razor)
05. Shine (prod Suhnraw)
06. LoveLine (prod Exile)
07. Jazz & Coffee Pt.2 (prod Rythmatical)
08. Not A Player
09. WildStyle (prod White Shadow)
10. KeepItCool (prod Ohlbiv)
11. Traveling (prod Panik)
12. Love&Expression ft Rina (prod Weirddough) 
13. Signs (MF Doom)
14. Think Back (prod Question)
15. Feel (prod Cloud.) 


Big thanks to everyone that supports our art. We make hip hop music because we love it but yall truely inspire us to keep creating. Hope yall enjoy our new sounds. Peace

"They say love is blind so I’ll show you what it sounds like…"


Summer Styles | R2


Revolutionary Rhythm - 1 Step Ahead



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